Architect: Yana Osipenko

Location: Odesa, Ukraine

Realization: 2018

Photographer: Alexandr Angelovskiy

Interior - collection. A collection of art, travel experiences, good books and music. Space becomes the backdrop for the interests and hobbies of a young family. This interior has many functional areas for relaxation and work. The accent color is Marsala and the colors complementary to it.


Architect: Yana Osipenko

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Realization: 2018

Photographer: Viktor Primachenko

The interior of the apartments in the color of Siena. This is the color of natural pigments. Juicy combinations give warmth to such strict materials as concrete, metal and ceramics. The interior was created for a young couple and the main task was comfortable zoning in one open space.


Architect: Yana Osipenko, Anastasiia Kurbakova

Location: Kiyv, Ukraine

Realization: 2020

Photographer: Alexandr Neborachko

Inspiration for this project comes from natural stone textures. Travertine fills up the space expanding from the floor to the walls and echoing in the elements of the furniture. Warm enveloping cashmere colour tone creates a special comfort for the apartment. The integrity of perception is being created by combinations of grey shades in different natural materials. Wooden portals emphasize the structure of the opened spaces.